The Month in WordPress: May 2017

With WordCamp Europe coming up in June, as well as the Community Summit and the release of WordPress 4.8, there is a lot happening in the WordPress world that is leading up to all of that. This has made May a particularly busy month, so there’s a lot to read through and catch up on from most areas of the WordPress project. I can guarantee you that it is all super interesting and well worth reading 🙂

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The Month in WordPress: April 2017

As I posted previously, I’m bringing this internal monthly wrap-up of WordPress community news out from just inside Automattic and sharing it here too. Enjoy!

Another month has come to end and we have another chance to look back at what happened in the WordPress community over the last 30 days, so sit back and enjoy the reading. I was on leave and largely offline for the first half of April, so there’s a fair chance that I missed something important from the time that I wasn’t trawling the internet for WordPress news – I tried not to of course, but if I did then please add it in the comments!

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The Month in WordPress: March 2017

As I posted last month, I’m bringing this internal monthly wrap-up of WordPress community news out from just inside Automattic and sharing it here too. Enjoy!

It’s been a busy month in the WordPress world! There have been a number of new releases and announcements, as well as some other tidbits that have made the past 31 days a very interesting time in the community of which we are all a part. I’ve highlighted what I feel are the most significant stories, but the links in the last section are definitely worth reading too!

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A few Coffee Shops to work from in Cape Town

Aside from generally enjoying my job and what I do on a daily basis, I also have the added advantage of having flexible hours and being able to work wherever I want. What this translates into is that I end up working at various coffee shops around Cape Town – this is great, because it means that I get to decide on my working environment every day (and even move between different places on the same day), as well as have the opportunity to bump into a number of people that I know who I don’t usually get to see.

If this kind of working lifestyle sounds interesting to you then you should think about joining Automattic – we’re always hiring!

I often have people asking me to recommend good places to work, so I thought I would share a few of my favourite spots here and give some quick opinions about them. All of these are in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, as that is far more local for me, and the only real requirement for them to be an option is for them to supply (usually free) wifi, so I have included some internet speed test results that are typical for an average day at each spot.

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The woman who inspires me

Today is International Women’s Day – while many people are using it as a day of marching and demonstrations to push for greater gender equality, I thought I’d use it as an opportunity to talk about the woman who inspires me the most in my life – Catherine Lashbrooke.

Cath is my wife and the mother of our two children, but she is, of course, so much more than that (as if being a wife and a mother isn’t enough). Amongst her many roles in my life, she is my best friend, my rock when things are tough, my greatest source of entertainment, my biggest supporter, my comforter, and so many other things. She encourages me to be a better man and inspires me to act on things to improve myself. She is a beautiful, loving, caring, kind, compassionate, funny, intelligent, wise, strong, passionate and joyful woman who makes my life better every day just being a part of it. She keeps me focussed on what is important in life and makes sure that I keep my eyes fixed on Christ as my centre.

On top of that, she is an incredible mother to our children and she’s the main person keeping our family afloat – I can 100% positively say that without her making sure we keep things together, our family would certainly be a hot mess. How she does it all is a wonder to me and I am incredibly lucky to have her in my life.

So, I know I don’t ever post things on here about my personal life, but today I would like to honour and thank the most important and inspirational woman in my life – my wife, Catherine Lashbrooke.

The Month in WordPress: February 2017

For a little over 2 years now, I have been posting monthly updates internally at WooThemes and now at Automattic in which I give a wrap-up of all the significant news from the WordPress community for the past month. This has been a great way for people too be kept up to date about what’s happening around them, as well as for me to personally keep abreast of developments in all areas of the WordPress project.

After much coaxing from quite a few people, I thought I’d start posting these updates on my own blog too, so that others can also benefit from them. The updates include news from the past month, as well as a smattering of comments from myself showing my own opinions about it all.

So, with all that in mind – here’s February’s update…

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Stepping Up (Part 2)

Last week I wrote about how I’m planning on stepping up this year to speak at more conferences. Even though I also challenged you all to do the same, public speaking may not be a goal of yours (which is totally fine of course). There is, however, another way you can step up in a similar arena without all the anxiety of being up in front of people. It’s something that you can all start today and you can easily start small – I’m talking about organising local events.

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Stepping Up

In 2016 I spoke at a local conference for the first time. It felt pretty easy because it was WordCamp Cape Town – an event and community with which I am intimately familiar. I was also speaking about a topic that I know really well. Later on in the year I spoke at WordCamp Johannesburg too – I didn’t know the community as well as Cape Town’s of course, but my talk was pretty similar to my Cape Town one, so it also felt really easy.

This year I plan on stepping up to speak at conferences that I would see as a lot less simple for me. Ones more outside of my comfort zone. I have already applied to speak at PHP South Africa with three different talk options (one workshop and two regular sessions) – I’ll find out in a couple of months whether any of them are accepted. I’d like to do more though – we all have knowledge and sharing it outside of our comfort zones is not only helpful for our own personal growth, but it benefits our listeners too.

I’m going to be on the lookout for local conferences to speak at and I encourage you to do the same. Why not start with PHP South Africa?

Seriously Simple Acquisition

On 13 December 2012, I launched Seriously Simple Podcasting – a plugin that I initially built for my church’s website, but then expanded into a full-featured podcasting plugin available for anyone to use. The initial purpose behind the plugin was to create a podcasting experience for WordPress that none of the other available options at the time offered – simple, hassle-free podcast management using a simple UI that did not sacrifice features for ease-of-use. Essentially, I wanted to democratise podcasting in a way that no other WordPress-based options were doing.

Now, 13 major releases of WordPress later, the time has come for me to move on from building and maintaining Seriously Simple Podcasting.

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Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires

bokkieMy fellow South Africans will be familiar with Bokkie making sure we know that only WE have the power to prevent bush and veld fires. The emotive tear and the damning words “Look what you’ve done!” accusing passers by of ruining a beautiful natural habitat – even if only by their inaction – were a powerful (if not repetitive) image along the side of the road all over the country.

My American friends will be more familiar with Smokey the Bear giving the same message I’m sure, but the point is the same:

You are responsible for your own environment – only you can make it better.

As a child I generally shrugged this kind of sentiment off as an issue that was simply just not my problem. This is something that I think most people did back then and largely still do today. Not just with forest fires of course, but with everything in life that is too large to fully comprehend or nail down to a specific (in)action on our own part – forest fires, climate change, unemployment, government, crime, or any other global issue. We would rather bury our heads in the sand about these things, instead of actually doing something to help make them better.

This is a common human characteristic – something that we all do to some extent. I applaud those who actually do stand up and take action to improve their place in the world – those who actually heed Bokkie’s words and take responsibility for their own lives and situations. Even if what they do feels so small that barely anyone else would even notice, at least it’s something.

Why am I talking about forest fires?

I’m not.

I’m talking about open-source.