Introducing: CampTix & Events Calendar for Meetup Groups

The Events Calendar is a fantastic WordPress plugin that does exactly what it says on the tin – it allows you to manage a robust events calendar on your site. CampTix, on the other hand, is a plugin developed by Automattic for use on WordCamp sites that has been adapted for more general use – it’s singular use is to facilitate the sale of tickets for any kind of event.

The area of potential for integration between these two plugins is fairly obvious, thus CampTix & Events Calendar for Meetup Groups was born.

What is it?

CampTix & Events Calendar for Meetup Groups makes CampTix and The Events Calendar work in harmony for the benefit of your meetup group. It does this by adding three new features to your site:the ability to link up your CampTix tickets with your Events Calendar events, a new ‘sponsor’ taxonomy for events, and a public RSS feed of your attendees.

Who is it built for?

As the title of the plugin suggests, it is primarily designed for meetup groups. That is kind of limiting though as the functionality that the plugin offers could be used by anyone who needs to link up their Events Calendar events and their CampTix tickets.

Why did I build it?

I originally built this plugin for use on the WordPress Cape Town community website as we were needing a way to easily manage the attendees for our meetups. The first version of the plugin was written specifically for our site and could not have been used by anyone else, so I thought it would be worth modifying it to be more generic and release for the benefit of other meetup groups around the world.

[wp-pic type=”plugin” slug=”camptix-events-calendar” align=”center” layout=”large”]

3 Thoughts

      1. Just saw message on Slack now, thanks so much. This is definitely the route to go then. WOOhoooo!!


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