Plugin Dashboard: Making plugin management easy

Once you have more than a couple of plugins in the WordPress plugin repository, it can become rather cumbersome to manage them all effectively. This problem is particularly accentuated when a new version of WordPress is released and it becomes a chore just to keep tabs on which WordPress version your plugins all support. At least that’s what happened to me when WordPress 4.1 was release recently.

The plugin list on your profile shows the names and icons of all your plugins, but to do anything further you need to open up each plugin individually and go through them from there.

Enter Plugin Dashboard…

This is why I created Plugin Dashboard.

Plugin Dashboard brings all of your WordPress plugins together in one place so you can see all of the relevant details as well as easily access your support forums, SVN repos, etc.

Plugin Dashboard - Home

All you need to do is fill in your username and hit enter. After that you can simply bookmark your dashboard ( and check it for the latest details anytime you like.

Individual plugin cards look like this:

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 15.04.31

So go ahead and start using the dashboard today – it’s easy to use and will help you keep track of all your plugins in one handy location.

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