Cryptic Crossword #4

Another cryptic crossword for your puzzle-solving enjoyment. You can find all my crossword offerings in the category archive.


1. Criticise trees for good luck. (5,2,4)
9. Hurry from fog without enthusiasm. (3,3,2,5)
10. Clergyman in politics? (8)
12. and 4 down. Sounds like egg is a collection of livestock. (4,2,4)
14. Weighty mineral. (5)
15. Make movement happen. (5)
19. Flower round pupil. (4)
20. Crooked squint? (8)
22. Pattern made from arachnid’s trap. (6-7)
24. Pry lone toys awkwardly with rude response. (6,5)

2. Sounds like no sister. (3)
3. Coasting like a ship? (8)
4. See 12 across (4,2,4)
5. Insect used to be at the top of peninsula. (4)
6. With great effort, disturbs surly one with nothing. (9)
7. Dirty, gloomy youth leader. (5)
8. Orange girl? (5)
11. I turn into bad food. (9)
13. Reliable money can be saved. (8)
16. In the middle of fog around 500. (5)
17. Progress incorrectly with article we initially wrote in violent display. (2,4)
18. Advert on period proverb. (5)
21. Illustrate political protest. (4)
23. I will fit into skillset. (3)


Need the solutions? Grab them here (image, opens in a new tab).

Cryptic Crossword #3

Another week, another cryptic crossword. You can find all my crossword offerings in the category archive.

3 - Grid

1. Getting here with bald head smoothing hair. (7)
5. Kick footwear. (4)
8. Bet help comes with her. (5)
9. Not Mother’s flask. (7)
11. Challenge a red mix up. (4)
12. Not on the coast of another country. (8)
15. Come up with northern wash. (5)
16. Short instructions. (5)
19. Removing open space. (8)
21. Fall over journey. (4)
23. Follower has strange lace toy. (7)
25. Currency in the beef ranch. (5)
26. Capital of bad solo. (4)
27. I poorly treat eastern repeat. (7)

2. Alternatively writhes wildly in Old English. (9)
3. William is being paid? (4)
4. Inform if Tony is wrong. (6)
5. Block from drinking hole. (3)
6. Nothing on severe smell. (5)
7. Curves round divers’ disease. (5)
10. Make certain of financial security, we hear. (6)
13. Disproportionate response when you tear cover badly. (9)
14. Article on homeless animal in the wrong place. (6)
17. To absorb sounds like it was done as a joke. (6)
18. The cop did badly without taking first period. (5)
20. Place for a tailless grasshopper? (5)
22. From a distance in a farce. (4)
24. Inside balloonist’s washroom. (3)

Need the solutions? Here they are (image, opens in a new window).


Cryptic Crossword #2

Following on from my last cryptic crossword, here’s the second one that I’ve put together. It’s worth noting that I actually made this one a little over a year ago, but never really did anything with it.

Cryptic Crossword #2

7. Endless enemy has an article in its behind (5)
8. In dire English initially, but a friend makes it perfect (7)
9. Value too obscure without nothing, but produces eggs (7)
10. British fruit at the start of yuletide (5)
12. A creep’s too confusing to work with (10)
15. Unstained, I strangely hinted (10)
18. Roughly itch with head of needle in the Scottish night (5)
19. By myself beneath hot air that I produced (5,2,3,5)
21. Prepare the morning in exclamation by folding paper (7)
22. In Xhosa, unaffected by steam bath (5)

1. Uprising goes around (10)
2. Brought back about and crouches down, we hear (5)
3. Coffee island? (4)
4. Motivate to start the engine (4,2)
5. Sense no cost without inhibition (4,4)
6. Malt with ice isn’t right for this weather (7)
11. Past time? (10)
13. See 19 across.
14. In Gypsy chic home lives a mind-reader (7)
16. A god who is strangely unbiased with no end (6)
17. Article about urge to fight (5)
20. Make directional quantity (4)

Looking for the solutions? Here they are! (image, opens in new tab)

Cryptic Crossword #1

When I was young my dad used to do our local newspaper’s cryptic crossword puzzle every morning. This always intrigued me and he slowly started teaching me how to do them, until I frequently asked him to photocopy the crossword every morning so that I could solve it myself without interfering with his own work on it. Thinking about it now, this is probably where my love of interesting words came from.

Now, many years later, I find myself constantly coming up with cryptic clues for words (which proves to be distracting sometimes while I’m writing), so I thought I’d start writing down these clues and putting them into my own cryptic crossword puzzles so they have a home outside of the confines of my mind.

Now that I’ve started doing that, it seems silly to not share the puzzles with anyone, so I thought I’d do that in the most logical place I can think of – my own blog. If I end up doing enough of these I might start putting them on their own site, but for now this is a good enough place as any for them to live.

So, without further ado, here is the first of these puzzles – I’ll update the post with the answers in a week’s time, but for now feel free to download, print, share and solve my first cryptic crossword offering.

Cryptic crossword grid

6. Coming to a stop on equal terms with the ruler (7)
7. Wheel on 500 – they’re exhausted! (5)
9. To be ill, so to speak, from beer (3)
10. Mistake a bad set as a series of informative tables (9)
12. Warm vegetables make unpleasant issues (3,8)
15. Taking responsibility for putting myself in harm’s way (2,2,3,4)
17. Coming to mind and happening (9)
19. Uselessly internal cunning (3)
21. Oddly cruel profits (5)
22. Growing of account right under all leaders’ heads (7)

1. Rings up and shouts out (5)
2. In risking my life I make sport in snow (3)
3. South American race in Latin calendar (4)
4. Ultimate trial? (5,4)
5. Lad got married and was made fresh (7)
8. Meaningless talk takes Father and the heads of two towns to the emergency room (6)
11. Do a drug by wrong protector (9)
13. Strengths shown by strange row with emphatic initial in addendum (6)
14. Arrogant attitude pushed in from below (5,2)
16. Relieve unending god on the Fourth of July (5)
18. Scratch the boy (4)
20. Vessel made from broken rack losing 100 (3)

Need some help? Here are the solutions.