WordPress: Add plugin settings link to Plugins page

When building a plugin that has its own settings page, it’s often handy to create a link to the settings page straight from the Plugins list – this saves users the time it takes to find where exactly your plugin appears in the admin menu. Here is a simple code snippet that creates the settings link for you – all you need to do is tell it where to go.

WordPress POST data and the 404 errors: The mystery of the restricted query variables

I recently had a problem with a form submitted in WordPress returning a 404 error everytime even though it was submitting to an entirely valid URL. The form submission was managed via AJAX using jQuery.post(), so at first I assumed it was a Javascript problem – after a bit of testing, however, I discovered it was happening even if I submitted the form via PHP. In the end it turned out that the problem had nothing to do with Javascript, PHP or the server configuration, but was actually due to a restriction built into WordPress that isn’t immediately apparent.

Front-end & WordPress developer interview test

I recently had to create an interview test for a developer who has good skill in PHP, but is not so experienced when it comes to front-end coding. On the front-end side of things, the job they were interviewing for required decent HTML & CSS knowledge. With that in mind I created a little test to evaluate their skills – I’m posting it here for anyone else who needs something similar.